A New Publishing Venture…

The latest adventure in my life began the way most of my crazy ideas begin – it was the direct result of a conversation with my friend Roger.

I had just received a new Kindle 2 for my birthday, and I was completely hooked. This amused most of my friends, in part because I’m the same person who refuses to received email on his cell phone. I’m just not one of those people who jumps on the bandwagon for the latest technological “toys”. This made Roger wonder exactly what it was about this device that made it so special.

We spent lunch that day talking about the Kindle. We talked about how books could be purchased directly from the device, and how anyone could publish a book for the Kindle. It suddenly occurred to both of us why this little book reader was so special. The simple truth is that this device was going to help change the way we read and purchase books. More importantly, it might even change the way publishing was done.

The researcher in me kicked in at that point. I wanted to learn everything I could about publishing. More importantly, I wanted to learn how this new technology might change the way publishing was done. The conclusion of this research was that technology was indeed going to change the way publishing was done. The result of this research was my decision to start Divertir Publishing.

The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences starting a publishing company. For people who are looking to start an independent publishing company or to self-publish their work, I’m hoping this blog might provide the information you need to get  started. For people already working in the publishing industry, I’m hoping this blog will provide an interesting view from an outsider looking in.

I’m hoping this will be an interesting journey. Feel free to join me.

Dr. Ken Tupper



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3 responses to “A New Publishing Venture…

  1. June

    Hi Reading your publishing venture has given me a shot of courage.
    For several years, I have wanted to help a friend publish her
    works.She has written several novels but has no money to
    publish her works. I read nonfiction but have read several
    of her works (written in long hand) and find them interesting.
    —-meaning they held my interest
    PLEASE tell me what my first step is in getting started–to help her get her works published
    Thank you and may luck rain upon you June

    • Hi – My next post will be on the books I read to get started. My first comment would be that, regardless of whether your friend wants to self-publish or submit their work to a publisher, your friend will need to get it in electronic format. Very few people will accept submissions that are hand written these days. We did that for our first book of poetry, and it was so much additional work we probably won’t agree to do that type of transcription again.

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